A Special Thanks for the Day AFTER Thanksgiving :)

Happy Thanksgiving Sunbeams!

I hope you were able to stuff your faces with Pumpkin pie, topped with enough ice-cream to make you scream!

(In delight of course… heh, heh, not the way we normally do, after eating too much for Thanksgiving… or maybe both?)

But this Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26, 2015, was one that will stay close to my heart for quite a while. Not only did I get to spend it with great family friends who accept me like their own, but my eyes were (and still are being!) gently pried open to how blessed I am, and have been.

Not only am I here, in Los Angeles, California, living my dreams (with a family who loves and supports me!), but I have met so many wonderful people who genuinely care about me, are always willing to help me in innumerable ways, and who understand my craft, respecting how I choose to live my life.

Because, in this business, it is SO easy to focus on everything that is not positive, focus on the scary, focus on the things I haven’t done yet- but these said people always remind me to do the exact opposite- to instead be continually working and focusing toward my goals, and to believe in myself and my abilities.

I am so unbelievably lucky to have these people, because I know not everyone does.

It can be scary to realize that there “nodda” positive people in your life, and even scarier when you realize that you MUST cut them out (because you MUST!)- especially when they are close to you.

And I know that as a library junkie, books can sort of replace people any day! …Or, at least put us on the right path to finding the kind of people who can really can love us and understand who we are.

To, “spread the love,” as they say, I’ve made a list of books that can easily help with this process.

And yes, these are books about creativity, I have found they apply to life more than any other kind of self-help book that I’ve read so far J


The Artist’s Way By Julia Cameron


This book is wonderful in that it covers SO MUCH in not that much time, and presents a very do-able 12-Step Program that I completed over a summer break, and am ready to follow the program again. And the Morning Pages… THE MORNING PAGES!

The Creative Habit: Learn It And Use It For Life By Twyla Tharp


Oh Twyla Tharp, what else can I say about her? She’s straight forward, doesn’t sugar coat it and is yet so, motivating and inspirational.  A wonderfully successful strong woman, and someone who should be on everyone’s role model list.

Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing By Karen Benke


Though intended for young writers, it’s just so darn fun that no matter where you are going, or trying to go, you will get a whole lot out of this book- I find it’s great for reflection just to goof off a bit 🙂

Santoro Journal/Diaries


Though not technically a “book,” the lovely part is that you can make it your own. I literally stumbled on one of these gems in France, and immediately fell in love with the adorably enchanting illustrations, and specially designated pages for each day.

 I am also looking forward to reading At Left Brain Turn Right By Anthony Meindl, as recommended to me by a great new friend today (who unknowingly helped inspire this post!)

May these books lead you on your journey, give you the promise of quieting your inner critic, those out critics, be thankful for all the opportunities abound, and always remind that “you are the company you keep!”

Check Back For More…

 – Jayde Sunburst