Take the Time to Enjoy – Recharge!

Is more really more?  Big question, bigger answer.This is a photo of the Los Anglese night skyline, slightly blurred.

Los Angeles is huge, and opportunities abound- so, to avoid the “do it ALL” illusion, you smartly focus on what’s highest on your priority list. Constantly focusing on priorities though, can leave you tried and frustrated.

And that’s when you need to focus on the highest priority of all — YOU!

We all relax in different ways, but I find one of the more fun ways to recharge, is to treat yourself with a place filled with beauty, wonder and comfort…  Here are a couple of my favorite places to *recharge*

Have you discovered Greystone Mansion and Park? It’s hidden away as a beautiful treasure; the flowers and landscaping defy description, and the old manor seems to come right off a storybook page.  An afternoon at Greystone leaves me dreaming to come back again, and again, and again.

Here’s the link to their website:


Or how about Barnsdale Art Park, high atop Olive Hill?  It’s filled with beautiful art and inspiring architectural structure- and the views are fabulous. The Barnsdale Gallery Theatre also offers a schedule of great shows- my dance academy had our Spring Dance concert there, and I’ve liked the place ever since.

Here’s the link to their website:


And finally, how can anyone recharge without a perfect place to eat savory Italian? Miceli’s is a great restaurant- and the lasagna?  You just have to experience it to believe it. C’est tres delicious (I know that’s French, but oh well). Their menu is huge, and it’s Hollywood’s oldest restaurant!

Enjoy this link to their website:


Now you know some of my favorite spots to recharge. But, there are plenty of others out there. They are simply awaiting your discovery!

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~Jayde Sunburst

You’re in LA! Now What?

Image of a map of Southern California with Los Angeles Highlighted So you’ve decided to come out to Los Angeles and see if you can make it in the entertainment industry.  You’ve packed your bags, arrived in town and found a place to call home. What do you do now?

The fun, glamor, excitement and possibility of stardom that Los Angeles represents gets all the attention.  But under that surface hides a lot of hard work, possibly some pain, and no promise at all that you will be the next “big thing.”

People have been coming to the West Coast for decades hoping to stand out from the crowd and get discovered.  But many come here without a plan, with no idea of what to do when they get here.  They just arrive with stars in their eyes, fascinated by the allure of Hollywood.

I wanted to share what we’re doing as we attempt to climb this ladder, like so many others have done before us.  To be out here, trying to succeed in the entertainment business takes guts, hard work, but most importantly some inside knowledge and a plan on how to proceed.

This is stuff that no one tells you but I’ll share what I know.  We can learn together.  

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~ Jayde Sunburst